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03.17.2017 COBALT/Langley
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03.17.2017 COBALT/JPL team
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01.26.2017 Mono Lake
The left view is a sample view of a pile of rocks taken in the "Mars Yard" testing area at JPL. The right picture illustrates one way the camera data can be used to reveal the contours of a target from a distance.

Testing Mars 2020's Engineering Cameras

These images show an example of what Mars 2020's navigation camera, or NavCam, sees. For example, the Mars 2020 navigation camera, or NavCam, views show a pile of rocks as seen by the rover, from 15 meters (roughly 50 feet) away, in the "Mars Yard" testing area at JPL. The pictures show how the camera data reveals the contours of a target, or its shape in 3D, from a distance. This gives the rover team the information they need to plan precise travel and arm movements.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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